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About Us

Pyramid Capital Group, Inc., is a Registered Mortgage Broker with the New York State Banking Department and a Mortgage Banker licensed with the Connecticut Banking Department. We are proud members of the New York Mortgage Broker Association, Connecticut Society of Mortgage Brokers, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, and the Chamber of Commerce. Pyramid Capital Group is able to provide financing for you through professional arrangements with many different banks, bankers and lending institutions throughout the country.

About Us

Pyramid Capital Group, Inc. is comprised of full time professionals whose goal is to help you better understand the loan process and make it a pleasurable one. Our nationwide network of lenders make it possible for us to handle any type of situation ranging from first time home buyers, no income or asset loans, people with less than perfect credit and even the high net worth individual looking for a special banking relationship. There is a loan for everyone, and we know how to find it.

About Us

What sets Pyramid Capital apart from the rest is that we pay attention to the "little things." Our attention to detail and thorough understanding of each loan product allows us to avoid unnecessary delays. We continuously explore new lending programs and try to find new ways to provide you with the most competitive products and pricing in the industry. In addition, our loan professionals are extremely dedicated to your needs and are committed to making your experience one that you will look back on with confidence.

About Us

Our long standing relationships with lenders across the country, along with our extensive loan products, allow Pyramid Capital to assist you regardless of your situation. Because of our hundreds of loan programs and thorough product knowledge, we have been able to help many people achieve the American dream of owning a home. In addition, Pyramid Capital has been a leader in the non-conventional lending arena. These lenders have much more flexible guidelines than traditional lenders, which opens up a world of opportunity for those who thought it would not be possible to own a home. Our volume of business has earned us special alliances with many underwriters which assists in getting your loan approved even if you have been turned down previously. In addition, our computerized Desktop Underwriting System allows us more flexibility than a 'human' underwriter in getting those challenging loans closed.

Pyramid Capital Group can handle any type of situation ranging from:

  • First time home buyers
  • People with less than perfect credit
  • No income verification loans
  • Well-qualified applicants looking for a great deal

We continually research mortgage lenders and loan programs to provide you with the most competitive loans in the marketplace. Our position in the mortgage industry gives us a competitive edge allowing Pyramid Capital Group to provide you with loans that cost less.

In order to help you determine how much you can borrow, we are happy to provide you with a free pre-qualification. Call us today at 914-219-5550.

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