Which Loan is Right for Me?
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Which Loan is Right for Me?

No one program is right for everyone or every situation. That is why we have a large menu of programs to provide the best options to our clients.

ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)

Initially, an ARM can provide the lowest monthly payment and interest rate.
  • Personalized program based upon your duration in the home
  • Variety of term lengths
  • Caps in place to safeguard you from drastic rate increases at time of adjustment

30-Year Fixed

This is one of the most frequently used loan programs on the market today.
  • Low and stable monthly payment
  • Allows you to afford a larger loan
  • Fixed interest rate that will never change

15-Year Fixed

A 15-year fixed rate mortgage is best for those who want to pay off their mortgage quicker.
  • Stable monthly payment
  • Rate will never change
  • Builds equity quicker
  • Lower rate than a 30-year fixed

10 Year Fixed/20 Year Fixed

The 10-and 20-year fixed rate mortgages are available to those who desire a customized program.
  • Fixed payment
  • Rate will never change
  • Builds equity quickly
  • Personalized program

Other Types of Mortgages

The following types of loans are for people with specific needs and goals in mind.
  • 40-year term
  • Interest only loans
  • Negative amortized loans
  • Construction loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Second mortgages/Home equity loans
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